Friday, August 31, 2012

Stevens-Coolidge Place

So this evening I got to enjoy a little bit of late summer sunshine at the Stevens-Coolidge Place which is a property of the Trustees of the Reservations. It's near my home in an undisclosed location in the Merrimack River Valley. 

The property is one of my favorites to visit. The carefully manicured gardens are delightful to romp through. When no one is looking I sample a few of the flowers. They never taste as good as they look. The whole point today, actually, was the flowers. At least that is what the human told me. 

It turned out that it was "picking day" so a number of local humans were milling about with scissors picking the flowers. Somehow I was still forbidden to eat the flora. 

Despite the denial of tasty treats, I did manage to have some fun. I'm including some images of the highlights here.

Galloping was my main mode of locomotion
Yes indeed. I spy a bunny.
A rare shot where I actually look at the camera.
Exhausted. Playtime complete.