Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Smile: Howling Puppies Edition

So if you should ever happen across me when there are fire trucks passing by you get to hear my rendition of howling. It's rather adorable. I put my head way back, form my mouth into a perfect "o" and howl away. At first the human thought I was doing it because I was scared. After careful observation, he didn't detect any body language I offer up when I'm scared. It looks as if something comes over me and I just simply must howl. He's not sure I have a choice: perhaps it's something that is encoded in my genes that gets triggered deep within my brain when I hear something the pitch of a fire truck.

Regardless, we stop and make a spectacle of ourselves every time there is a fire truck. The human starts howling and makes a big deal out of me howling. I suspect he's trying to teach me to howl. So far I'm not complying. Until I do, here are a few other puppies who have figured this one out. Enjoy!

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  1. To complete the yowly-howly triumvirate (this one is a teensy wolf pup!):