Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Secret Santa Saves the Day

For those of you in the know, my human has been bemoaning the fact that Target suddenly stopped carrying his favorite style of Kleenex -- he prefers the kind that come in oval shaped boxes. He had bought them in bulk awhile back and had a closet stuffed with them (what kind of psychologist would run out of Kleenex, right?) .

The supply has slowly dwindled. Things were getting desperate when his cache dropped down to to measly boxes. With the holiday season came a brief reprieve: Target had holiday themed oval boxes.

Joyous times were had by all -- and a sufficient amount of Kleenex was purchased to make it through December. But then what? What would happen if the shelves remained clean of the oval boxes. Would the human have to resort to standard (and boring) Kleenex?

Secret Santa to the rescue! Last week we discovered a bag in the waiting room. Inside of it was a personalized oval tissue box. Who knew the people at Kleenex have a website for making personalized Kleenex. Think of the possibilities!


  1. What an utterly sweet & thoughful thing for a Secret Santa to do...& what an awesome kleenex box with Maggie the Therapy Dog's portrait! How come HER name doesn't appear on the box??

    p.s. Your mother also likes those oval boxes but she refuses to pay top dollar for them like her spendthrift son. Perhaps a Secret Santa will get her some for Christmas! (hint, hint)

  2. Dear Reader,

    I am the Irreverent Psychologist. Not the Irrelevant Psychologist or Spendthrift Psychologist. It's a common error, and I'm frequently mistaken for those other people. Please make a note of it.