Monday, January 4, 2010

Home From Vacation

Traveling by car with dogs in the winter can be rough--especially in blinding snow storms! Home safely now and will be working on some new blog posts. Here I am watching the snow during the long drive across I-90.

Anyone out there have any good suggestions for traveling by car with dogs?

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  1. When Lucky was little, we gave him an old phone book and placed him and the book on the floor of the car. He would tear it apart for the entire trip. (Of course we could never leave a GOOD phone book near him...) As Lucky got older, we bought him a harness/seat belt and he had his own seat right behind Bob. He liked that he never felt too restrained yet he had room to move on the captain's chair behind us. Our next Dalmatian, Lucy, liked to cuddle up on the floor of the van. We put her in the "doggie seat-belt" too but allowed her room to jump to the floor on the blanket.. Lucy came with all kinds of emotional baggage so we worked slowly and consistently with her. Eventually, she too, sat in the seat behind Bob with the seat belt. She loved to lick Bob's ears! The doggie belt made me feel better too. Neither dog could escape if the door was opened by one of the kids. If the car would have been in an accident, the dogs would be "belted in". Our granddog, Roxie, who is very old, also accepts the seat belt when she travels with us. BTW. Lucky, our first Dal traveled with us while we camped from Florida to Alaska and was always a gentleman. Thank you for sharing Maggie's blog with me!