Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maggie Graduates/Real World Training Is Important

I was a little delayed getting my graduation certificate. The winter holidays really got in the way of my regular attendance in class. Nonetheless, I am indeed now a graduate of my level one puppy class. I celebrated this morning by romping around with six other dogs for nearly 45 minutes. That's what I call a fun time.

I overheard the most interesting conversation. People are actually training their dogs with their Wii. While I'm not sure if the thing about the Wii is true, I do know that an awful lot of people replacing dog classes with television shows (It's Me  Or The Dog, Dog Whisperer, etc.) or DVDs that they purchase.

This isn't really the effective choice for dog training. I hope you think so too. Reading books about dog training and watching programs are important: there is a lot of information to be learned. It's important too, however, to get some real life training. Part of why puppy class is so important is that I get to play with other dogs. In doing so I learn how to be a well socialized pup. I get feedback from other dogs when I play too much or too rough; I learn how to give feedback when I'm doing playing or don't like how the playing is being done. I also learn how to respond in different environments. I can sit fine at home. It's much more difficult to sit and stay when there are other dogs milling about. Likewise, I can come when I am called. It's so much harder to pay attention when I'm called in a room full of frolicking dogs.

Please sign your dog up for a class today!

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