Thursday, February 10, 2011

Between appointments

Ever wonder what I do between appointments? Here I am yesterday captured in action. Before the video started I went into the human's bag and stole my cow trachea that he brought to work. Here is what happens after the theft:


  1. Claire does the SAME THING!!!! She takes treats that she wants later, brings it to the couch, and then uses her nose to (I'm assuming) try and bury it! And when she can't bury it, she picks it up again and wanders through the house whining as she tries to find another place to put it! Maggie, I have to say, you girls always make me laugh :)

  2. @Lauren. I'm told this particular fun behavior is a deep instinct within some dogs. The way it was explained to me is that there is a drive buried somewhere deep within the dog DNA to bury things--usually prime pieces of food in times of plenty. Through breeding, many dogs have lost this trait (sad, I think, since it is so darn cute).

    If Claire is doing the same thing she is communicating something to you: she is telling you that you are taking care of her and that she feels there is an abundance of good quality food in her life.

    When I was a puppy, the humans cleared the house out of all the little things I buried. I looked at them with a crestfallen look--and promptly ran around the house re-burying things.

    I also wander around the house looking for just the right place. I've tucked things in shoes, in the couch, inside pillows, inside patient's purses at work....