Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maggie the Abominable Snow Puppy

Well it's been nearly constant snow here in New England. It's really getting in the way of my therapy-dog duties. Yesterday I elected to stay home rather than to brave snow, ice, commuter rail, and the MBTA. Today the human stayed home since the blizzard continued.

Take for example the sidewalk in front of my house. I used to be able peer all around from the sidewalk. I could see the white fluffy dog across the street. I could gaze at the greyhound that lives around the corner. I could carefully inspect the road to see if the human w
as returning home in the (unlikely) event that he was somewhere without me.

Now? Now I can't see a thing from the sidewalk. Just an enormous pile of snow. I think it might take until May for it all to melt.

So what's a therapy dog to do? Play--of course. Since I had no therapy dog duties today I shed my serious demeanor and became the Abominable Snow Puppy. Little did I know that the snow is several times deeper than I am tall. I tried leaping over the snow only to fall in and disappear. I tried walking on top of the snow and, well, that didn't work out so well either. I also tried eating the snow--there is just simply too much for that to make a significant difference.

I settled for running back and forth a few times before collapsing in exhaustion.

I think I'm rather cute. Don't you?

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