Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Therapy Dog

8:30am: Ready for more coffee
9:30am: Ready for my morning walk
9:35am: In the garage by the scary door that slammed on my foot once.
9:36am: Hurry up and open the door.
9:40am Surveying for something good to eat
9:41am: I'm told these aren't food.
9:45am:  spy with my little eye...
9:46am: ...a mid-morning snack?
9:55am: Magnolia Wigglesworth reporting for duty.
10:00am Time for a nap.
12:00pm Anyone want to play?
1:00pm: Time for another nap.
2:00pm: Demonstrating unconditional positive regard.
3:10pm: Something smells good.
3:11pm: Yes, that's it. I see it.
3:12pm: Squirrel!
3:30pm: Pausing to inspect Harvard Yard.
3:33pm: Squirrel!
4:00pm: Magnolia Wigglesworth reporting for duty.
5:15pm: An unexpected walk along the Charles.
5:20pm Play things!
6:00pm: Back to work.
9:00pm: Too tired to walk down the steps. Carry me please.
9:30: Ready to be transported home to an undisclosed location.


  1. Mary L. NadrowskiMarch 19, 2011 at 6:30 PM

    Wow, reading about your day made me where I went wrong while I was working. I usually napped an then worked worked worked. I had that wrong, it should of been, work then nap, nap, nap and nap. !!!!! That the right way, thanks!!