Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Man's Best Friend in Any Language

I came across the following clip of two dogs who survived the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Some view the clip and see a dog who won't leave another injured dog. That is likely only half the story. It's likely that both dogs are are also staying close to their homes in an attempt to find and protect their missing humans.

Confusing, scary, and devastating for all involved.

It serves as a good reminder that each and every family needs a disaster plan--and that disaster plan needs to take into account any animals that you are responsible for. The Federal Emergency Management agency as a webpage detailing some steps you can consider taking to make a plan for your animals.

The two dogs in this video, by the way, were rescued.

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  1. That's heartbreaking. Dogs are so amazing. I'm glad they were rescued. Thank you for sharing it.