Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Magnolia of the Flowers

Recently the human took me to The Stevens-Coolidge Place, a property belong to the Trustees of the Reservation, for a spring photo shoot. With the backdrop of land first farmed in 1729, a myriad spring flowers, it was an ideal setting. The unanticipated problem was that I decided that the spring time blossoms were delicious.

As you can see, I'm fast--but not nearly fast enough to escape detection by the camera. I was hungry. I couldn't help it. I'm powerless of delicious flowers.

The human thought he might command more of my attention if he came in for a close up.

I wasn't much in a listening mood. In fact, as you can tell by my expression, I was rather irritated.

Really. Delicious. If the human would let me eat them I'm sure they taste just like spring chicken. I'm sure of it. Of course, all I heard was "leave it" and some kind of grumbling about the flowers being there for everyone to enjoy. Yeah yeah yeah,I know. If every dog ate a flower there wouldn't be any for the humans to enjoy. 
What the human didn't seem to understand was that I was there first, so I should get to sample some of the flowers. He's so mean, that human.

Foiled again by the camera. A therapy dog can't catch a break, can she. Apparently she also can't catch a flower.

Not all was lost. The human did manage to catch a few decent images of me. Which one do you like best?

Magnolia of the Flowers A
Magnolia of the Flowers B
Magnolia of the Flowers C


  1. Maggie! You're so silly!

    The flowers do look yummy. I think they taste like warm lemony butterscotch honey. *hmmm wonders where I can get me some of those*

    I think I like picture A best because I can see more of your precious face.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. A. C's a nice pose, but her face is in shadow.

  3. I had trouble finding my light, didn't I?