Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo in Need of a Caption

All right folks, what do you think I'm trying to communicate here in this image?


  1. *waves to Maggie*

    I notice your ears are back and down, so my guess is you're in a serious mood. You're looking kind of intense, not playful.

    Perhaps you're thinking, "Why is the human taking my picture when I'm clearly communicating I need to go outside to pee?" Or, you might be showing signs of nervousness.

    If there was an awful thunderstorm outside, you might be thinking, "Human do you not notice the end of the world is here? Soon no one will exist to see the picture you're taking. I need hugs, now."

    Or, perhaps Maggie is illustrating on I'm projecting my feelings on to her. I'm feeling very serious, annoyed and fearful these days. I'm worrying part of my world will soon be coming to end -destroyed. Okay, Maggie... now what?

    Kisses on your nose Maggie,

  2. I think Maggie is simply saying, "Surely, you jest."

  3. This is the look I give my human when I'm extremely concerned about what is going on. Usually I reserve this particularly mournful look for when I am afraid that I'm going to be left alone.