Friday, April 30, 2010

Butterflies Everywhere

Butterfly; butterfly fly away,
teach me how to be as free as free can be.

Butterfly; butterfly I see you there, its beautiful the way your wings caress the air.

Butterfly; butterfly go as high as you can go, show me the things that I don't yet know.

Butterfly; butterfly fly into the sky,
drop down and land yourself by my side.

Butterfly; butterfly I see you kiss a flower,
my eyes fill and I begin to ponder.

Butterfly; butterfly your beauty soars,
I see the beauty in you and I see the beauty within me.

Butterfly; butterfly show me the way,
For beauty is beautiful but there's more to me.

Butterfly; butterfly show yourself,
I see your colors and I see your shimmer, is there anything else?

Butterfly; butterfly what is the matter?
can't you give me an answer for the questions I desire?

Butterfly; butterfly I see you dying,
life is far too short to sit around crying.

Butterfly; butterfly don't you go,
for your goal has not yet been accomplished.

Butterfly; butterfly let me lift you,
I peer into your eyes and see that there's a secret inside.

Butterfly; butterfly let it out,
your secret could hold great things, give me the secret to life.

Butterfly; butterfly let me know,
before you take your last breath; show me what you hold.

Butterfly; butterfly there you go...
You twitch away letting me that the secret to life is having the courage...
to just let go.

--Ashley Landry

Of course, if in doubt, or you aren't so interested in learning anything profound from butterflies or poetry, you can try out my new therapy dog move and just stick out your tongue. I think that works pretty well, don't you?


  1. I love your blog! Please check out mine:

    Thanks you, and you are a wonderful photographer! (tips would be appreciated lol)

  2. Hi Becca and Mandy--thanks for reading and commenting! I always like connecting with other therapy dogs out there. As for the photography. My human says this: carry a digital camera around with you at all time and take pictures of everything. He usually will take 50 pictures of me to get one that he likes enough to use on my blog. He's got countless ones of just one ear or the tip of my tail. I wiggle a lot! He also uses photoshop--he'll sometimes just do a simple crop to an image. Other times he'll remove my leash or increase the saturation of the colors.

  3. Thank you! That sounds like great advice! Mandy was really scared of the camera when we first got her. We finally figured out that it's the flash that bothers her. We practiced just taking pics without the flash or with the flash outside. She has gotten pretty good but she still gets nervous if there are multiple people with cameras. I'll definitely work on taking as many pictures as possible to help her feel at ease!