Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Smile

So now this is an interesting one. Did you all know that elephants can paint? While it's not clear whether or not elephants know that they are painting and actively making choices or if this is just operant conditioning in action, it's still pretty amazing. Don't you think?

Irene Pepperberg has shown again and again through very rigorous research that African Grey parrots are capable of things such as understanding the concept of zero and other interesting types of cognition. I wouldn't be totally surprised if studies indicated that elephants--painting or not--have the capacity for cognitive tasks that are usually associated with humans.

As an FYI, the painting elephants are legit. Check out Snopes for more information.

In the absence of this research, perhaps this video will just amuse you. Maybe it will amaze you. I'd be a happy puppy if it also stopped you for just a second to think outside of yourself and discover some of the amazing things that are hidden from our experiences inside the animal mind.

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