Monday, April 19, 2010

My First Birthday Approaches: Want to Join Me?

By my best estimation, I'll be turning one year old on June 16th. It is hard to believe the journey that I have taken. One of nine puppies, I was born in Kentucky. My mother had heartworm and was unwanted. When we were just one day old her owner dropped all of us off at a shelter. He didn't want to care for any of us: doctors say that my mom showed signs of being neglected for awhile. Because we were so young and our mother was ill, we were destined to be euthanized.

We were lucky. Someone noticed us and took us to their home. We were again noticed and taken to a foster family that works with an organization in New Hampshire. Peace and Paws safely transported me all the way to Bedford New Hampshire where we all stayed together as a family. My mom nursed us all until we were old enough for new homes: she was then nursed back to health and is enjoying a very nice life on a farm.

I was adopted by Jason when I was 12 weeks old. Here I am a few days before I was adopted. Aren't I just cute? Shortly after I came to my new house I started my new job as a therapy dog. It's been a journey for both of us: I've learned all the tools of the trade (sit, stay, down, roll over, leave it, snuggle, relentlessly kiss faces, etc.).

Since those first days coming into the office, I've had a mind of my own. I've made it a point to interact with people on the street that most don't normally pay attention to. Ask anyone that knows me: I demand that Jason stop and love each and every person on the street that appears in need. I've befriended scores of homeless people, said hello to every child that is crying, and kiss every lonely person.

Sure, it's exhausting. It's also what I like to do. As my teacher Maureen has said, something great happened to me when I was a puppy, my life was saved, and I was adopted into a home that cared for me. When I put my paws up on a homeless person's shoulders, sit gently on the lap of someone in a wheelchair, nuzzle against the leg of an intoxicated person, or roll over and let a college student who misses their pet at home I share one consistent message:
"hang in there, something good will happen to you too. In the meantime, I can offer the unconditional playful and peaceful compassion of a dogs love."
What does this all have to do with my first birthday? I'm glad you asked. Jason and I are going to be spending two hours on Wednesday June 17th doing what I like to do: walking around Harvard Square spreading my message of playful and peaceful compassion. I'm going to have two whole hours where I can lead Jason around, say hello to whomever I wish, and love whomever seems to need my love.

I'd like to invite you to join me--not in person--but in your own way in your own communities. If you have a dog that is well behaved, and you know how your dog interacts in novel situations, perhaps you'd like to find a safe time to walk around your community and share some peaceful and playful compassion with those you wouldn't ordinarily notice? If you don't have a dog--or your dog is a little shy--perhaps you and a friend might like to find a safe time to walk around your community and do the same thing? Perhaps you'd like to visit a nursing home or hospital? Read books to children in a public library? Maybe you'd perhaps just like to celebrate my birthday by showing playful and peaceful compassion by helping someone with the door, a heavy package, or something else?

If you'd care to join in--and I hope you do--let me know what your plans are. Send in pictures of what you did (always ask permission first!). I'll post them here on my blog as well as on my Facebook fan page.

Let's help spread the news of my message of playful and peaceful compassion. Let's make a change.


  1. What a profoundly inspirational idea. I'm sure many lives will be touched by that birthday walk, including your own. How wonderful that you have invited others to join you in their own unique way. May Maggie's birthday walk be a celebration of the gifts she brings to the world. Happy birthday to Maggie!

  2. Happy Birthday Maggie: Count the teams at New England Pet Partners -- we'll walk in spirit, or if possible by your side. Your presence at the B&W classes is our gift. Enjoy the Journey!
    Maureen & the Teams

  3. Hi Jason: Happy Birthday Maggie!! You can count on Brandy and I to go out and walk this weekend in celebration of Maggie's birthday. Brandy is also from NEPP and we wish you both a great journey.


  4. Hey everyone, remember Maggie's actual birthday is June 16th. Feel free to celebrate frequently and often and thank you so much for helping me spread Maggie's message of playful and peaceful compassion.

  5. NEPP, by the way, is New England Pet Partners. You can learn more about them here: