Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maggie the Huntress

I find the darndest things while walking. Usually I hunt down children with ice cream cones, sticks, or people who need my puppy love. Today was different: I located this turtle resting in a courtyard on Linden Street.

Jason wasn't amused when I stuck my nose in the shell. I thought it was a good idea. What if turtle needed to be rescued?


  1. So how big was this turtle???!! Big enough for Maggie's nose to fit inside the shell???!! It's a good thing it wasn't a snapping turtle...think along came a turtle & snapped off her nose!

  2. The turtle was roughly dinner plate sized.

    The turtle update ends up being sad.

    Turtles shouldn't be outside during the winter--and this particular in particular shouldn't have been located where it was. This was likely a college student's pet that was abandoned.

    One enterprising person phoned the Humane Society to see if they came out to rescue abandoned turtles. They did not, though suggested we contact the animal control person in Cambridge.

    Another person agreed to provide a good home for the turtle. Upon closer investigation, we determined the turtle was dead.

    Before retiring for the weekend, another person agreed to pass the location of the turtle to a friend. The friend is an artist and might be able to re-use the turtle shell for a good purpose, thus giving a certain sense of meaning to the abandoned pet turtle.