Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Smile

So yesterday the sun finally came out after a weekend of torrential storms. I was feeling a little stir-crazy after my mostly indoor weekend. Jason was kind enough to take me for a long walk during the afternoon yesterday. I got to engage in my favorite activity: goose chasing.

That's right. I'm a goose chaser. It's no doubt partly genetic: many of my dog ancestors were working dogs: herding, shepherding, and other wise moving animals to-and-fro. Things of course don't always go according to plan. Here is a sheep that is a just a little too smart, don't you think?

I did a little better at my job yesterday. I still found it rather difficult because I was on my leash. Jason thought running off of a leash along the Charles River wasn't a very swell idea. Cars, people, you know, the usual problems. I promised I'd behave but he ignored me.

It's not a bad way to get exercise (for either of us). We got to creep up on the geese slowly. As soon as one of them noticed me I stopped in my tracks. The goose lengthened his neck and stared at me. I bow down and stare back. I start to creep low along the ground toward the geese, then with little warning I start running along the back of the geese. I make oval circles behind them, moving them closer and closer to the water. Once they get there I bark at them some.

I toil so hard, don't I? 

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  1. Maggie you are one very smart doggieand I would have loved to see you in action against the showed them who the boss of the Chalres River is didn't cha??

    Glad you are finally getting some great weather for such adventures with your dad.