Friday, March 26, 2010

Napping Meditation, Part Two

For those of you tracking the progress of my napping meditations, I thought I'd add another photo. I find that traffic provides a perfect time for contemplative activities. With the notorious Boston traffic jams, what else is a therapy dog to do? With no fingers I can't offer up any sign language to those in cars around me. I tried honking the horn but Jason doesn't find it very safe for me to sit in his lap.

It's a good think I got my meditation in yesterday morning. When we left the office at 7pm I had some of my own work to do. I got to have my twice weekly visit with Jerry. I also put my paws up on the edge of the steps leading to the Harvard Square T Station. A woman spotted me and zoomed up the steps to come visit with me. I think she was feeling particularly lonely. My wagging tail was just what she needed (I'm not even making that up--she said it!).


  1. Hi maggie I have always wondered if my dogs would have something to say to other drivers if they had fingers...I think you supplied me with the answer. Making people happy is just what you do best!

  2. I'm already looking forward to your next napping meditation, Maggie! AND...your irreverant grandmother is going to start looking for one of those "We're #1" fingers in a one finger salute pose so you can be as fully functional as any human the next time you're stuck in Boston traffic!

  3. @CC. Yup. I think it's best that I stick with what I do best. It's just so easy to do!

    @Grandmother. You know I'll probably just eat the "we're #1" finger if you found one. Foam doesn't last very long in the house.