Monday, March 29, 2010

Therapy Dog in Action

Here is what one person has to say about what it's like to come to therapy with me in the room. I've taken it upon myself to add to photos. One is of me sitting on the couch in the office listening closely. The other is me sitting on the chair giving "the look." For those of you who don't recognize this face, it  means that I'm about to start romping around the office playing.

"I'm not a fan of animals. In most instances, I'm quite terrified by them, probably because a dog of my own wasn't too kind to me as I was growing up. So, naturally, when Jason opened to door one day and I was greeted by him and an eager puppy, I wasn't quite sure what to make out of it. Before that first session with my new therapy duo ended I became convinced that having Maggie in the room was a wonderful addition to my experience in therapy. Maggie provides the necessary comic relief during the most challenging moments in my therapy sessions. She is known to jump on my lap and lick my face when I get particularly emotional. When I am feeling most overwhelmed, Maggie helps me put things in perspective and, without the need for words, makes me realize that I, too, can get through whatever obstacle I face at the moment."

Have you had an experience with a therapy dog? What was it like? Have you had experiences with dogs (or other animals!) outside of therapy that felt like therapy? What was that like?


  1. That is a wonderful testament to the power of working with an animal. My therapy dog Emmett and I mostly work with literacy programs for kids, but he has the uncanny ability to pull kids out of their shells... He always picks the shiest kid to set next to. First they start rubbing him, then they start talking to him, then they start reading. It's amazing to watch the process unfold.

  2. LOVE "the look!" I can't believe Jason was able to capture you on film before you leaped into action!