Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainy Days

It is raining again here in New England. This creates special challenges in my work as a therapy dog. Jason tends to book three or for clients in a row before we get a small break. Not a big deal in normal circumstances. Across the street is a little triangle of green space. I get my ten minutes of sniffing in while I do my personal dog activities. I still get that with the rain, however then I am all wet. Have you ever smelled a wet dog? I think its great but Jason feels differently.

So we have a ritual. I get wet and have fun. Jason throws a green towel on me when we get back into the office. I think he is playing so I tug. He finds this less than fun, but tries to make it a game for me so he doesnt get crabby. After that I get wiped down with a coconut dog wipe. He likes the smell: I try to eat it.

We tried a raincoat but it is tough to find one in my body shape. Anyone have any favorites?

I attached a cell phone art project. I have some extra time today with the rain making everyone late.

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