Sunday, March 14, 2010

When Good Dogs do Bad Things

It's raining. Not just a little sprinkle, mind you. Serious, drenching, I'm stuck in the house rain. It's pretty windy too. I woke up this morning and poked my head out the door. It took a lot of convincing to get me off the front porch. My poor little ears kept on catching the wind and floating on the current.

Finally being able to take the boredom, I did head out into the rain to run back and forth across the front yard with a stick in my mouth. That helped a little, but I'm still rather bored.

What's a puppy to do? I tried chasing the cats around the house but they know my games. They are sleeping up in the cupola where I can't get at them. Napping is the next best thing. I figure if the cats sleep all over the furniture, why can't I? Here I am lounging around while Jason was ignoring me. He claims he was making me a Facebook page.

I figure if I can't go outside and play I should at least be able to sleep? Right? It's much better than  misbehaving and eating shoes, for example.

Jason had the nerve to poke me and wake me up. I showed him. If there was sound in this picture you'd hear me barking. I thought it was big fun when I was caught. He was not amused, made me get off the table, and settle in my bed. I'm starting to think he is assuming this is some version of a puppy time out. Jason doesn't know this yet, but I think there is going to be no other option than a waterlogged walk in the rain this afternoon. Hope he has good boots.

Anyone have any ideas how to keep a puppy entertained when housebound?


  1. *tsk, tsk*, Magnolia! During the long winters here, my dog was able to be distracted with a Kong toy stuffed with peanut butter. It was also when we'd practice tricks ~ I named her toys and taught her the names and to retrieve them: "Go get 'colossal turtle' " or "where's gator boy, go get him" but of course that means you won't have time for your own work.

    Maybe something like this would be helpful?
    :-D I'm sure you've seen that one, but thought it was apropos.

  2. Hey, that's what happens when Jason is fooling around on the computer. If he would simply comply with my demands for his undivided attention I wouldn't be forced to do cute things like pull the cats around the house by their ears, stand on the kitchen table, or turn the ceiling fan on and off.

    I tried the Kong stuffed with things. All the other dogs love it but it's not my cup of tea. I however do love your suggestion about practicing tricks. I don't have a colossal turtle but do have this enormous yellow chicken. I picked it out at the pet store Friday night and carried it around with me.

    I like the ball launcher. I posted it as my Wednesday smile a few weeks back. I keep hoping someone will get it for me.

  3. That's no table Maggie was lounging & then standing on! It's your great-great-grandmother's buffet! You can fool some of the people all of the time, & all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool your mother!!! I'm sure your grandmother is rolling around in her grave! You can be sure that she who went into orbit over a wayward dog hair is not amused even though deceased!! Signed: Maggies Grandmother, Your Anonomous Mom

  4. I was actually trying to be helpful. You see, the cats sleep up there all the time. I pushed them off, along with the folded sweater they sleep on, and stood guard. I wasn't napping. Nope. Not napping at all.